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  • ​What are the clear signs that Imposter Syndrome is blocking you from financial success? Page 24
  • ​Common issues that hinder female coaches from running a heart-centered profitable business. Page 7
  • ​ How to craft the right strategy that is aligned with your heart to skyrocket your level of influence and self-worth. Page 21
  • ​​The exact blueprint to how women can LEVEL UP their relationship with money and business.
  • ​​How I continuously achieved success despite having to start from scratch many times. Page 16
  • ​ The single best thing you can do to enroll new clients consistently. This has been subconsciously compelling you to do things for a long time! Page 29
  • ​The 5 questions to gain clarity on who you really are and what superpowers you have and how to use them to manifest your desires. Page 42
  • ​Discover how I increased my coaching fees from $1,500 per client to $8,500 per client within 6 months. Page 19
  • ​The most important decision you can do for yourself and your business. Page 40
  • ​ A simple strategy to eliminate rejection from your life and be respected for who you are and what you stand for. Page 38
  • ​And much more!
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